Mathematical Physics

Felipe Espreafico Guelerman

I am a fourth year PhD Student from IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I am visiting Heidelberg from October 2022 to August 2023, working at the Mathematical Physics group.

My research interests center around enumerative aspects of Algebraic Geometry, Hodge theory and its relations with Physics. Lately, I've been working in the field of A1\mathbb A^1-enumerative geometry. I'm interested in understanding how Physical invariants can be realized in this context, but also on more general enumerative problems.

In a different direction, I've also been working on modularity properties of Gromov-Witten invariants and on its Hodge theoretical properties. My other interests include Singularity Theory and Symplectic Geometry.

Papers and Preprints


Algebraic and Analytic Geometry
Notes about Serre's GAGA
Mirror Symmetry and Fukaya Categories
Notes about Fukaya Categories
Curriculum Vitae
My (more or less up-to-date) CV
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