Mathematical Physics

We are bridging the stream between theoretical high-energy physics, and algebraic and analytic sub-disciplines of geometry. We are interested in the mathematical theories that are relevant for the fundamental description of nature, and use physical intuition to uncover new structures. On a first visit, take a look at the current seminar schedule.

Natural Philosophy

James Clerk Maxwell (13 June 1831 – 5 November 1879) was a Scottish mathematical physicist with broad interests who was responsible for the classical theory of electromagnetic radiation. His eponymous equations describe electricity, magnetism and light as different manifestations of the same underlying principles and remain the paradigm of unification in physics.

Upcoming talks

From our own Physical Mathematics series (a.ka., RHIND), the ITP's Beyond the Standard Model and String Theory seminar, the Teilchentee, the STRUCTURES Jour Fixe, the Physics Colloquium, the GAUS CRC, as well as the occasional extra-ordinary event.

Research Group

Johannes WalcherProfessorMathematikon, Room 5/204
Simone NojaPostdocMathematikon, Room 5/231
Donald YoumansSTRUCTURES PostdocEmail 
Michael BleherDoctoral studentMathematikon, Room 05/203
Fabian HahnerDoctoral StudentMathematikon, Room 5/208 Email 
Sebastian NillDoctoral Student
Steffen SchmidtDoctoral StudentMathematikon, Room 5/208 Email 
Raphael SenghaasPhD StudentMathematikon, Room 5/231 Email 
Felipe Espreafico GuelermanVisiting Graduate StudentMathematikon Room 5/209
Nora SchrenkAdministrationMathematikon, Room 5/206

Congratulations Felipe!!!

February 23, 2023: Felipe Espreafico has today successfully defended his thesis on "Modularity and Enumerative Geometry of Physical Invariants".

Congratulations Fabian!!!

January 25, 2024: Fabian Hahner has today successfully defended his thesis on "The Pure Spinor Superfield Formalism and Twisted Supergravity".

Congratulations Michael!!!

November 13, 2023: Michael Bleher has today successfully defended his thesis on "Haydys-Witten Instantons and symplectic Khovanov homology".

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