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About this site

This is the home of the mathweb-project at Heidelberg University. If you have reached this page on purpose, congratulations. If you ended up here by mistake, well done!

We imagine providing a simple no-frills HIY solution for group and unit wepages in mathematics and computer science at the Ruperto Carola, as listed in the tab above. We do not assume responsibility of any kind and merely record here some simple guidelines for our users.


The system is geared toward markdown which you are encouraged to use for all basic typesettings needs. **double stars** give bold text, _underscore_ emphasis, and html <u>tags</u> unterline. Code is set with `backticks`.

LaTeX\LaTeX is fully supported, both inline as in $2d, \mathcal N=2$ 4d  N=4\leadsto 4d \; \mathcal N=4, and display mode, where
\int_{-\infty}^\infty e^{-x^2} dx = \sqrt{\pi}
is parsed into

0ex2dx=π\int_0^\infty e^{-x^2} dx = \sqrt{\pi}

Most anything beyond can be achieved with html, though YMMV with LaTeX.

Reference lists can be uploaded (though not replaced) as plain text files in bibtex style. The entries need to follow the format
[attributekey]=“[value]” OR {[value]},
where [name] is a string such as author, title, etc. on the LHS, and the corresponding value on the RHS. Just copying from Inspire or MathSciNet should work mostly fine.

The Stack

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