Mathematical Physics

Twists on Strings

Seminar in the Winter Semester 2023/24

String theory remains a most promising candidate as a fundamental theory of nature, and a source of inspiration for mathematics. Following a thorough review of the basics, this seminar will cover the background and some recent developments in understanding twisted versions of various dualities, and especially the AdS/CFT correspondence.

Registration and Organizational Meeting

  • The regular meeting place of the seminar is Mathematikon SR 5 (and NOT Philosophenweg as originally advertised)
  • Registration is now open in Müsli
  • The organizational meeting with assignment of topics took place on Friday, July 21, 2023, at 14h00 (s.t.) in SR 7 Mathematikon. If you are interested in one of the two remaining topics, please contact the course coordinator.



Knowledge of String Theory at the level of the two-semester sequence taught by Prof. Walcher in the academic year 2022/23, ideally complemented by the Mathematical Aspects series of Dr. Noja.


The course is listed as “Masterseminar” in both Physics and Mathematics. In addition to a 1hr talk, regular attendance is a mandatory common sense courtesy. The language of instruction is English. Registration in Müsli is required.


Coordinator: Dr. S. Noja Email
Tutors: Fabian Hahner Email, Valdo Tatitscheff Email, Johannes Walcher Email, Donald Youmans Email

Time and place

Tuesday 16-18h, Mathematikon SR 5 First Meeting: October 17


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