Mathematical Physics

String Theory

Lecture course in the Winter Semester 2023/24

This course is a basic introduction to string theory. Topics to be covered include: Quantization of the bosonic string, string interactions, the superstring, space-time effective actions, string compactifications, D-branes and string dualities, AdS/CFT correspondence. (We won't do all of this.)

Final Exam

To alleviate conflicts with your other tests, the final exam has been fixed to a 36h take-home format. Problems will be uploaded to the Physik Übungsgruppen on February 5 @ 6am, submissions will be due on February 6 @ 18h in Box 20 on the 1st Floor of Mathematikon. (Please let us know ahead of time if you would like to instead submit your exam electronically.)



Thorough knowledge of classical theoretical physics, including quantum mechanics and relativity as ingredients of quantum field theory. An understanding of particle physics and some mathematical background will also be useful.


This course is listed as a specialization module in the physics Master programme, and as an "Aufbaumodul" in the mathematics Master focus area "Modular forms, complex analysis, and mathematical physics". The course will be evaluated based on a 36h take-home final exam. Submission deadline: February 6, 2024 @ 18h00. To be admitted to the exam, you have to be registered for the exercise sessions and submit valid solutions to at least 50% of homework problems. We intend to upload problems sets on Mondays at noon (give or take). Submission deadline is the following Monday, at noon (sharp).


Lecturer: Prof. J. Walcher, Email
Tutor: Rapahel Senghaas, Email

Time and place

Lectures on Tuesday & Thursday, 11-13, in Philosophenweg 12 Grosser Hörsaal; exercise sessions on Wednesday, 16-18 in Philosophenweg or Mathematikon

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