Mathematical Physics

String Theory 2

Lecture course in the Summer term 2023

This course is a continuation from the Winter term. We will focus on superstrings, anomaly cancellation, phenomenology of string compactifications, and string dualities. Left-overs, such as AdS/CFT and detailed mathematical tests of string dualities, might be covered in a Master seminar next Winter.

Final Exam

As advertised, the course will be assessed in a final oral exam in the mornings of July 26/27. If you participated in the exercises, please send a message to Nora Schrenk to request registration, indicating clearly if you have a preferred day.



Understanding of bosonic string quantization, basics of conformal field theory, familiarity with differential geometry and ingredients of quantum field theory


This course is listed as a specialization module in the physics Master programme, and as a "Vertiefungsmodul" in the mathematics Master focus area "Modular forms, complex analysis, and mathematical physics". The method of evaluation is yet to be determined, and depending on interest might involve a 24h take-home final exam or an oral examination at the end of July. To be admitted to the exam, you have to be registered (via the Physics Übungsgruppensystem) and participate regularly and consistently in the exercise sessions. We intend to upload problems sets (to the Mathematical Hypermediaplatform MaMpf) on Mondays at noon (give or take). Submission deadline is the following Monday, at noon (sharp).


Lecturer: Prof. J. Walcher, Email
Tutor: Björn Friedrich, Email

Time and place

Lectures on Tuesday & Thursday, 9-11, in Mathematikon SR 5, exercise sessions on Wednesday, 16-18 in Mathematikon SR A

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