Mathematical Physics

Fabian Hahner

Hi! I'm a PhD student working on mathematical structures in supersymmetric field theories and supergravity.

Research Interests

I'm interested in the construction and analysis of supersymmetric field theories and their twists. Here, my method of choice is the pure spinor superfield formalism ( which systematizes previous approaches from the physics literature using homological algebra and algebraic geometry. We used a 'derived' enhancement of the formalism to prove that there is an equivalence of categories between supermultiplets and a certain category of modules ( These results can be applied in various directions: for example we classify a certain class of multiplets using simple well known things from geometry such as line bundles on projective spaces ( In the future, I hope to say something more about twisted supergravity, holography and superconformal aspects. As a first step in this endeavour, we computed the maximal twist of eleven-dimensional supergravity (



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